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With the daily and 7-day average Covid-19 cases continuing to drop, the success of Canada’s vaccine roll-out, and the removal of Covid restrictions by local governments, the GeoNiagara 2021 Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is in full preparation for an in-person conference in September. While we are planning for a great in-person conference experience for our delegates, we do understand that travelling to Niagara Falls is not possible for some, and there are community members who prefer to attend the conference while maintaining a low carbon footprint or without incurring travel and hotel costs. To accommodate this portion of the geoscience community, the LOC is pleased to launch virtual delegate registration options. The following virtual packages are available:


EARLY REGISTRATION (up to August 31, 2021)

  • Virtual Registration: $675

  • Virtual Registration – Student: $450

REGULAR REGISTRATION (after August 31, 2021)

  • Early Registration Fees plus $200

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