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presenter instructions


  • Virtual presentations are given the same time frame as live presentations – 15 minutes total. This includes 12 minutes for presenting, and three minutes for questions. Therefore, your recording must be 12 minutes or less.

  • You will be required to login to the GeoNiagara 2021 virtual platform during your assigned presentation time, so that you are available for live Q&A directly after your presentation. Login instructions will be posted on this page as soon as they are available.

  • Ensure that your audio is clear, and that your video quality is high. Using a headset or headphones will minimize background noise and is highly recommended.

  • Your recording must be in mp4 or mov format.

  • Presentation slides must be in the GeoNiagara 2021 presentation template as provided. Slides should be the primary visual; you may also choose to have yourself showing in a smaller window on the screen.

  • As long as your presentation is of high quality, you may choose the software used to record.

  • The deadline to upload your pre-recorded presentation is August 31, 2021.



  1. Click here to download the PowerPoint Presentation template.

  2. Include your last name and paper ID when naming your file.

  3. Login to your author account at

  4. Click on the “Virtual Presentation” button.

  5. Upload your video as an mp4 or mov file.

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